10 Burger Joints You Just Have To Try

The weather is getting nicer, which means it's time to start grilling burgers in the backyard. But the burger is a blank canvas of American expressionism. With endless options of seasonings, toppings, and condiments it can feel overwhelming to craft your own. That's why we've compiled our ten favorite burger joints in Memphis and the Mid-South--in case you need some inspiration.


Huey’s may seem like a “duh” addition for anyone who’s been in Memphis for any amount of time. However, some people still haven’t sampled their extensive burger menu. The “Huey’s World Famous” burger is the most popular, but there are a plethora of great options–including the Bluez 57 and Sunshine burgers.

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Kooky Canuck

One word: Kookamunga. This 7.5 pound, 12,000 calorie burger was featured as one of the first stops for Man V. Food, and host Adam Richman struggled with it. You’re welcome to try the challenge yourself, in which you have an hour to down the 4 pound patty and all its fixings; or you could take a group and split the novelty sized sandwich like sensible people. Alternatively, you could just order a regular sized burger. They have those, too.

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The Last Burger On Earth… Well, it’s not actually the last one, but it may as well be. LBOE’s Benedict burger won “Best Burger” at the 2017 World Food Championship. However, this writer is partial to the indulgent likes of the Mac and Cheeseburger and the Fatty Melt. Just to be safe, try them all.

We got a chance to get an up close look at some of the burgers at LBOE, so take a look with us!

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Dyer's Burgers

To say Dyer’s is a bit old fashioned would be an understatement. The ’50s aesthetic is one thing, but how many businesses do you know that can thrive in today’s age without even having a website? Moreover, Dyer’s cooks their burgers in 100-year-old grease to maximize the flavor, and that attention to detail has helped them remain a Beale Street staple.

Get a closer look at Dyer’s 100 year old burgers!

Belly Acres

Nestled in Overton Square, Belly Acres promises “citified” farm fresh beef. Their signature burger list is plentiful. However, it’s just as much fun to “Tour the Acres” and build your own burger. In fact, they do their best to accommodate everyone with sheer variety: beef, bison, pork, turkey, and four beefless patty options. That’s without mentioning their bun options, where you can get anything from sourdough to brioche to waffles, and even a gluten free bun. See why you just need to go build your own?

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Ernestine & Hazels

The building used to be a brothel. It’s allegedly haunted. The bar menu is literally just “Soul Burger” and “Double Soul” burger. There are no frills. Eat the Soul Burger.

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Slider Inn

Boasting the only sliders to make the list, Slider Inn knows tiny hamburgers as well as they know Jameson Whiskey Slushes. Sliders plus a Jameson slush on their ample patio should make this joint a spring and summer favorite. Not to mention, you can mix and match sliders for extra variety.

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Velvet Cream (The Dip)

Usually a hole-in-the-wall joint has the best food. In the case of Velvet Cream, it’s a dip-in-the-pavement establishment. In fact, it’s lovingly called “The Dip” by locals due to a dip in the parking lot. Don’t let rag-tag exterior fool you– this place slings great burgers. They even have a burger challenge you can take on if you’re so bold. But be warned: you’re probably going to want one of their delicious milkshakes to go with your meal. It’s worth the trip to Hernando.

Could you finish the Big Dipper Challenge?

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Wimpy's Burgers and Fries

It’s the only fast food option on the list, but with good reason. In fact, this local chain serves Memphis and Southaven with a variety of toppings to craft the burger of your mouthwatered dreams, and at prices competitive enough to lure you out of your McDonald’s routine. Moreover, I implore you to try their sweet potato fries.

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Tops BBQ

Only in Memphis would a barbecue joint make a “must-try” burger list. But, any good Memphian knows that Tops’s burger is where it’s at. Dare we even say it’s better than their ‘cue. Maybe it’s best just to not start that argument. Just try the burger and decide for yourself.

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