100 Things to Do in Memphis Before You Die

Think you've done it all, and seen it all in Memphis? A local author dares you to take another look at the city we love.

As a native Memphian it’s easy to think you’ve seen all that the Bluff City has to offer. But there’s a chance you’ve only scratched the surface!

Samantha Crespo, author of 100 Things to do in Memphis Before you Die, urges natives to explore more of Memphis, right now. There are a lot of exciting, new developments happening in historic neighborhoods around the city that can’t be ignored.

Out of the 100 things, Crespo shared 5 must sees and dos in our river city on the rise.

River Garden

“Colorful, new pocket sized park. It’s great whether you have kids, or not. It’s a great place to just chill out on the river with hammock swings.”

South Main

“From a historic perspective, it’s frozen in time–in terms of t’s architecture. But then you find a new generation of Memphians.”

Crosstown Concourse

“A Resurrection story, right? It’s only been in its new life since 2017… and even if you went on opening day two years ago, there’s an entirely different roster of restaurants, bars and shops to explore.”

Broad Avenue

” If you go there now, there’s construction all the way down the street, they’re carrying the Green Line all the way through Broad, you have New Society Memphis, the skate park.”

Orange Mound

“You have The Collective which just opened next door to Orange Mound Gallery.”


If you want to read the other 95 things to do in Memphis before you die, you can check out Crespo’s book here.