5 free apps to help you learn a new language

Learning a new language is hard enough without knowing which apps will really work before burning a hole in your budget. That's not to say the investment isn't worth the cost, because it most certainly is. Here's my guide to free language learning apps divided by practice. Each will let you choose from 10 or more languages.

Learn To Write Alphabets in 20 Languages

Starting at the beginning, the alphabet (aleph bet / uyir elutukkal & mei elutukkal what-have-you).

Starting with the letters.

“Learn To Write Alphabets in 20 Languages” will help you practice these new sounds and symbols. It comes with a choice of 19 languages and if one has a “print” style and a cursive hand, the app covers both, no worries.  Read. Write. Listen & gain new vocab along the way. It’s gold. Free gold.

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Building Vocabulary? Download Drops.

It’s fun and you’ll want to use it. This could also be good for grammar… There’s a master app which may contain all 33 options, but it may be best to download them separately. Inside the app select the reason for learning, as a traveler or an enthusiast, select the level and gender. All these can be switched in the settings but keep in mind, selecting female gender means the apps will give words spoken by female (if gender by subject matters in that language). Lessons are in 5 minute increments with all sorts of words, phrases, and get ready to practice spelling too.

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Master Ling

It’s good to know words, and even better knowing how to use them.

Master Ling is a great grammar app. You have to earn bananas and stars as you go to unlock levels to avoid paying for more, but the pace it creates without spending $$ is pretty nice. Build your conversational skills through practice convos (of course), translate them and test your knowledge with fill in the blank quizzes.

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Ease into grammar with Mondly.

The free version takes you through lessons day by day so you can take you time in this new territory. First time users will have a chance to activate the 7-day trial (to start, stop and restart at any time) – Lessons are pretty thorough so make sure to activate it when you have a lot of time on hand. Also you can change the displayed text from native to Latin. Pretty dope.

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Put it in practice and read out-loud.

Download Beelinguapp

After selecting your primary language, choose any 2 of 14 languages at a time and find various books beginner to advanced and improve your recognition and comprehension of the language your learning. This is most helpful if you’re studying is of a non-Latin script (should that be your default). Bored with the 2 you chose, flip flop however you like at no cost to you. There’s also no cost to how many books you can read. Have fun. Free fun.

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BONUS APP! Application! We're in Memphis, making it easier to practice these languages with real people! Go to restaurants and place your order, have small talk in a shops, attend the festivals for crying out loud. International Memphis keeps a list of different cultural events for you to check out!