5 pastries to try at Memphis Greek Festival

Pastry Chairman Linda Nichols sits down and describes some of the tasty pastries that you'll be able to find at the upcoming Greek Festival. Be sure to follow Bluff City Weekend on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more great content like this!

OPA! It’s time to celebrate

The little Greek Island on Highland is celebrating its 61st year of Greek culture May 10 and 11 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.!

Join members of the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church for Memphis Greek festival. It’s a two-day event filled with food, music, heritage and food. Did we mention delicious food? It’s definitely the main attraction for some 15,000-plus attendees every year.

Members prep for months to get ready for the influx of folks ready to devour Greek culture.

“This is a lot of hard, but loving work for our church community,” said Todd Bagatelas, chairmen of the festival.

The love doesn’t stop there. For every canned good you bring, you will receive $1 off your ticket price. Three canned goods will grant you FREE admission to the festival!

5 pastries you NEED to try

So, back to the food–When it comes to Greek treats everybody knows about Baklava. After a belly full the list below, you’ll be saying, “Bakla-who?”


Galaboureko: Custard-filled phyllo pastry (Source: Memphis Greek Festival)


Spanakopita: Spinach puffs (Source: Memephis Greek Festival)




Melomakarona: A spiced cookie, soaked in a honey syrup. (Source: Memphis Greek Festival)




Kataifi: Shredded phyllo with nuts and honey. (Source: Memphis Greek Festival)



Karithopita: Walnut cake with syrup. (Source: Memphis Greek Festival)