Play it Cool at 7 Memphis Splash Parks

The summers in Memphis are hot and sticky. There just is no escaping the heat and humidity of the bluff city but there are ways to stay cool and have fun as well.
If you are a big kid or you have kids, these splash, fountain and water parks just might be the coolest thing around.

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Civic Center Plaza

Downtown Memphis can be a lot of fun. There are great restaurants, nightclubs, museums, shops and fountains you can play in. That’s right, that’s what I said, fountains you can walk, run or dance through are downtown right in front of city hall at Civic Center Plaza. Kids love to splash and try to guess which fountain spout will suddenly shoot up and cool them down.


(source: Four Square)

Peabody Spray Park

Peabody Park features sprayers and misters of different sizes so kids of all sizes can stay cool.

In addition to the spray park, there is also a big playground with slides and swings.

Located at 712 Tanglewood Street just off of Cooper Street in Midtown Memphis.

(Source: Memphis Daily News)

Children's Museum of Memphis

The colorful splash park at the Children’s Museum of Memphis is full of sprinklers, splashers, fountains, and sprayers. Make a day of it and enjoy the inside and outside of this cool, creative kids museum and water park.

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Suggs Park

This water spray park has 12 “stations” in a total area slightly larger than the size of a basketball court.

There are two “touchstone” poles that activate the spray stations, which resemble elephants, rainbows and other items.  There is also a playground and picnic areas. This spray park opens May 21st, 2018.


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(source: Trip Advisor)

Teton Trek Entrance Geyser

The Memphis zoo’s Teton Trek Geyser is a great place to splash and get cool this summer.

After checking out the lions and bears and–my favorite–the hippos take your kids to the  Old Faithful Inn.  Once there, your kids can imitate their favorite wild animals and cool off while playing in the Teton Trek Geyser.

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"Beale Street Landing Downtown Memphis, Tennessee"

Riverside Splash Pad Park

Beale Street Landing down by the river has a splash pad park for kids.

There’s a slide, fountains, and lots of splashing fun, plus an amazing view of the Mississippi River.

Mud Island Riverwalk

The Mud Island Riverwalk is a scale model of the lower Mississippi. The Riverwalk is part of Mud Island’s free exhibits.

Walk across the pedestrian bridge and then walk down the Mississippi like a giant!

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See, Memphis is a cool place to live, even in the summer. Remember the sunscreen, stay hydrated and have a Bluff City Weekend!