19 Haunted Places in Memphis to check out this Halloween

We’ve put together a list of all the haunted places in Memphis that you should know about for this upcoming Halloween!

(Source: Hunt Phelan via website)

The Inn at Hunt Phelan

This mansion was built between 1828 and 1830, and was used as a military headquarters for both the Confederate and Union armies during the Civil War.  Witnesses are said to have seen a male entity in a 19th century servant uniform.

Location: 533 Beale Street

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Earnestine & Hazel's

Supposedly the one of the most haunted places in Memphis, this downtown dive bar was at one time both a bar and bordello.  Witnesses have claimed to have seen both apparitions of both men and women in several different places within the building.  Not to mention, the jukebox is haunted — it will turn itself on and off and even select its own songs, sometimes at just the right time.

Location: 531 South Main Street

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The Orpheum

Built in 1928, this center for the performing arts has long been suspected of being one of the most haunted places in Memphis.  Its said to be occupied by several ghosts, like the spirit of “Mary,” a 12-year-old girl who was killed in an accident in front of the Grand Opera House, on which the Orpheum was built.  Witnesses have seen the apparition of a little girl for decades, and have reported doors flying open and other eerie happenings.

Location: 203 South Main Street

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Woodruff-Fontaine House

This beautiful French-Victorian home, built in 1870, is said to be haunted by members of the original family who built and owned the home.  Witnesses have captured EVP recordings (electronic voice phenomena), and have even reported things like impressions left on a bed, as if a ghost were sitting or laying on it.

Location: 680 Adams Avenue

Check out our video we did on the Woodruff-Fontaine House!

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Grawemeyer's Piano Bar

This piano bar is supposedly haunted by the original owner of the piano that sits in the bar.  She was murdered in a home invasion, and there are even still blood stains on the piano.  Witnesses have seen glasses randomly falling off of tables, and residents and passers-by have reported hearing the piano playing when the bar is closed.

Location: 520 South Main


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The Lorraine Motel

Now the home of the National Civil Rights Musuem, the Lorraine Motel was the location where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in 1968.  Some people believe that Dr. King’s spirit still lingers at the motel — his car is still in the parking lot, and his hotel room was left completely untouched after his murder, even still to this day.  Visitors have reported uncomfortable and uneasy feelings near where he lay dying.

Location: 450 Mulberry Street

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National Ornamental Metal Musuem

There are four buildings that make up the Metal Museum.  At one time in the late 1800s, the Metal Museum served both as a Marine hospital, and as a Civil War hospital, housing soldiers, doctors, and nurses.  One building had a morgue inside, and since renovations in 1979, witnesses have reported disembodied voices and the feeling that they are being watched.

Location: 374 Metal Museum Drive

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Overton Park lake

Legend has it that in the 60s, a young woman in a blue dress who had been stabbed to death was pulled from the lake at the park.  Since then, witnesses have seen the ghost of a woman in blue walking around the lake, and even floating above the water.

 Location: 1914 Poplar Avenue

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Being that it’s the home of Elvis, Graceland is probably one of the most popular attractions in all of Memphis.  Some people believe that his spirit resides there, and witnesses have reported seeing the King himself roaming about the house, and in pictures they’ve taken while visiting.

Location: Elvis Presley Blvd

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The McCoy Theatre at Rhodes College

The performing arts theater used to be a sorority house on the Rhodes campus, and legend has it that a sister hung herself from the rafters.  Witnesses have seen a ghostly female spirit roaming around the theater.

Location: 2000 North Parkway

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The Memphis Fairgrounds

The old Memphis fairgrounds are reportedly haunted by the spirit of an old theme park employee.  The employee was killed by a ride accident while at work, and some people say they still see him roaming the area.
Location: Tiger Lane


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St. Jude Children's Hospital

There are staff members at the hospital who believe there is a room on the second floor that is haunted by the spirit of 17-year-old patient who passed away there.

Location: 262 Danny Thomas Pl

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Elmwood Cemetery

The oldest active cemetery in Memphis is home to important politicians, Civil War soliders, and even unknown victims of the Yellow Fever epidemic.

Location: 824 South Dudley Street

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Salem Presbyterian Cemetary

This cemetary in Atoka is said to be haunted by the ghosts of Native Americans and slaves who were dumped into a mass grave on the property.  Witnesses are said to have encountered angry and malicious spirits in the cemetery.

Location: 3400 Atoka-Idaville Road — Atoka

The Pontotoc Hotel

While there is a family who has lived on the first floor of this former bordello, the second floor remains completely empty, and its reported that the spirits have put a stop to any further renovations to the hotel.  As the story goes, a former manager of the boarding house was found, burned to death, inside the boiler in the basement.

Location: East Pontoc Avenue

Voodoo Village

Did you know there are many people in Memphis who practice African Voodoo, Native American Spiritualism, and even Freemasonic practices?  This community houses these different cultures on private propety, and witnesses have reported all kinds of strange happenings in the area. There a rumors of black magic, animal sacrifices, and more.

 Location4554-4562 Mary Angela Road

Bethel Cumberland Cemetery

This cemetery was established in the 1850s, and visitors have reported unfriendly spirits, balls of light, and even encounters of a vicious beast with the body of a lion, the head of a dog,  a long mane, and red eyes.

 Location:  3406 Tracy Rd – Munford

Blackwell House

This Victorian home has been reportedly haunted by the former residents of the house, and it has subsequently kept any further residents from living there.  Witnesses report seeing two spirits floating through the house, wearing their Sunday best.

 Location: Sycamore View Road – Bartlett

Brister Library

The former library building at the U of M is supposedly haunted by the spirit of a student who was attacked and murdered inside the library.  Legend has it that the murderer was never caught, and the student’s spirit can still be heard screaming for help.

 Location: University of Memphis