An East Texas German bakery makes the best fruitcake in the world

The oldest bakery in Texas was founded by a German immigrant using his mother's recipes. Here you'll find fruitcakes that have won awards across the world using a centuries-old recipe.

In the south, recipes are a form of currency and a great baked good can make a huge impression. Well, one family bakery in Palestine has been doing just that for over 100 years. The most famous of all their yummy treats? The fruitcake.

Eilenberger’s Bakery was founded in 1898 by a German immigrant, Freidrich Eilenberger, who brought his family’s classic German recipes and techniques with him to East Texas.

And before you say, “Ew, fruitcake.” Trust us. This fruitcake is moist and tastes just like Christmas. It might even be delicious enough to change your mind about the treat.

You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone else doing it the way they’re doing it. Everything is hand by hand, the old-fashioned way. Which explains why folks just can’t get enough.

Both the Eilenberger Family Fruitcake recipe and the Texas Twist, the Texas pecan cake, have won prestigious awards the world over. Each year Eilenberger’s ships out over 40,000 of these cakes.

Ever wondered what was in a fruitcake?

Well, the folks at Elienberger’s wouldn’t give us the exact recipe, but it’s basically a bread with nuts and fruit. So when you’re looking at it, you know pretty much exactly what you’re getting.

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