Bluff City Vibes: ‘Hindsight’ with Blackwater Trio

Reminisce on days past with this song from Blackwater Trio.

Originating in Clarksdale, Mississippi, Blackwater Trio brings a little bit of everything to the music scene in Memphis.  Their mix of country, classical, rock and other styles gives them a unique sound.  The band is made up of Seth Stroud and Walt Busby on guitar and Alice Hasen on the violin with all three contributing to the vocals.

About the band

Originally calling themselves “The Living Room Jam,” Seth and Walt were playing some acoustic sets together but had heard about an amazing violinist in the area.  After inviting Alice into the group and playing a few shows, the group realized they were really on to something and decided to start taking things a little more seriously.  After searching for a name to that would perfectly describe the three of them, they settled on “Blackwater Trio” to pay homage to the bands Southern roots near the Mississippi River.

More about the song

No matter what situation you’ve been through, you’ve probably been caught looking back a time or two and thinking something along the lines of, “Well I certainly should have done that differently.” That’s exactly what this song is about.  Seth said he wrote the song about an experience he had as a younger man, and didn’t even have a title for the song until a stranger in a bar hit him with the age old wisdom: “Hindsight’s 20/20.”  Like with most of Blackwater Trio’s songs, they took a real-life situation and experience and transformed it into a musical masterpiece.

Where can I watch Blackwater Trio?

If you liked this song, make sure you keep up with Blackwater Trio’s Facebook page and find out when they’re playing at a music venue near you!

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