Can you guess Tennessee’s favorite viral video of all time?

Admit it: You, like everyone else in the world, have at one time or another, sat down in front of YouTube to watch a video, only to find yourself getting sucked down a rabbit hole of content.  You might start off watching a video of a baby panda sneezing, and you end up watching “17 Unexplained Ocean Mysteries.”  But more than anything, we love to watch videos that go “viral.”  Some viral videos hit the scene, and spend only a few weeks in the spotlight before fading away, while others just seem to stick with us.

Our friends at GetCenturyLink ranked nearly 100 of the most popular and iconic viral videos on YouTube by original video views to narrow it down to the fifteen most-watched videos. We then took a look at YouTube search volume by state to see which of those fifteen videos each state searches for the most in order to determine the states’ favorite viral videos.

What’s Tennessee’s favorite viral video?

Whether you like the original video from the news report, or one of the many auto-tuned, musical remixes, you’ve probably sat and watched this video hundreds of times.  The favorite video in our state, happens to also be the favorite in Louisiana, South Carolina, Washington, and in Alabama, where the video originated from.  Go ahead and watch as Antoine Dodson delivers one of the best and most memorable news interviews you will ever see.

For those of us that have seen the musical remix of this gem — Don’t act like you didn’t start singing “Climbing in your window, snatching your people up” as soon as you saw this video.  Check out this map to see the rest of the country’s favorite viral videos of all time.

To check out the entire study of viral videos, make sure to head over to the article by GetCenturyLink by clicking here.