Celebrate Polar Bear Week with the Memphis Zoo

It's Polar Bear week! Learn more about this special week, dedicated to the preservation of polar bears and their sea ice habitats.

November 3-9 is Polar Bear Week at the Memphis Zoo!

All week long, Arctic Ambassadors,like the Memphis Zoo, are partnering with Polar Bears International to promote awareness for the preservation of polar bears, and their sea ice habitats.  Not only will the Memphis Zoo be celebrating with different events and activities, but you’ll also get a chance to stream a live Polar Bear Cam in Canada.

Polar Bear Week
(Courtesy of the Memphis Zoo)

How climate change is affecting the polar bear

Polar Bear Week is always the first full week in November, and coincides with the fall polar bear migration to Churchill, Manitoba, where the bears wait on the refreezing of the sea ice on the Hudson Bay so they can begin hunting for seals.

During Polar Bear Week, a spotlight is also put on the importance of sea ice to polar bears, and why focusing on stemming climate change is extremely important to their survival.

Polar bears rely on sea ice for hunting seals, traveling, breeding, and sometimes even denning.  Without sea ice, and without action to stem climate change, polar bear numbers will being to decline dramatically.

To learn more about Polar Bear Week from Polar Bears International, and check out their Live Cam, head over to their website here.

Polar bears at the Memphis Zoo

The Memphis Zoo is home to two polar bears, Payton and Haley. Haley is 16 years old, and is named after Haley’s Comet. Payton is just a few years younger at age 12, and is named after Chicago Bear great Walter Payton. Both of them are zoo-born bears, and arrived in Memphis at very young ages.

During Polar Bear Week at the Zoo, you’ll learn about polar bears from their keepers, watch the bears play with special toys and receive special treats! There will also be lots of crafts and activities for the whole family.

Polar Bear Week
(Courtesy of the Memphis Zoo)

For more on the polar bears at the Memphis Zoo, head to the polar bear page here.

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