CodeCrew is giving new opportunities to kids, teens, and adults in Memphis

Computer programming skills are becoming increasingly important. Learn more about CodeCrew, and see what they are doing in communities around Memphis and Shelby County.

Learning about coding and computer programming can seem completely foreign and complex, but there’s an organization in Memphis that is looking to change that.  CodeCrew is offering programs to both kids and adults across the Bluff City and Shelby County and teaching them computer science skills.  Since 2015, CodeCrew has taught more than 1,000 students to code through their different programs.  These programs expose students to producing technology and provide in-depth training that keeps them interested and engaged, no matter their age level.

CodeCrew offers six different programs for students that range in subjects from basic web development and JavaScript programming, to learning how to make apps and games.  These programs also include intern opportunities with tech companies like Preteckt to offer advanced students a chance to gain real=-world experience in science and tech.  CodeCrew isn’t just for kids and teens — there’s also a program for adults that will train them to be entry-level software developers within a six-month course.  They will be able to learn real-world technologies that help them learn the fundamentals of coding and app development that will help them enter a competitive job market.

For more information on how CodeCrew is helping Memphis, visit them online.