Collage Dance Collective uses their artistic expression in a tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.

Collage Dance Collective wants to connect you to the power of dance through a journey of rebirth in their tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.

History is coming alive.

More specifically, the stories of the Civil Rights Movement are taking root inside living souls awakening their desire and action to bring The Dream to life. The video above is a tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. and a collaborative effort between Collage Dance Collective and Pigeon Roost for the company’s show, REBIRTH.

Echoing throughout the piece are parts of King’s speech given at the Reflecting Pool – Washington D. C. in 1963 and shots of the I AM A MAN Movement. The narrators and the elegant motions of the dancers are pulling you the inside of the historic Clayborn Temple – weaving you through narrow halls to a place where transformation is in motion.


Newness has already begun.
Danser à notre renaissance | Dance to our rebirth.


Step into that journey and experience REBIRTH by Collage Dance Collective for two days only. The interpretation of history and its place in our present lives through dance may tell a broader story than words on a page. See it come to life and become mesmerized by the motions, embrace the feeling until you are moved to make a difference.



REBIRTH | April 20 – 21 2019
Halloran Centre
225 S. Main St
Click here for tickets


Artistic Director Kevin Thomas and Company Dancer Kimberley Ho-Tsai (featured in the video) of Collage Dance Collective visit Bluff City Life to talk with Janeen Gordon about this piece. Watch the episode 3 p.m. Monday, April 22 on WMC-TV or find it here after it has aired.

About Collage Dance Collective:
Collage Dance Collective works to inspire the growth of ballet by showcasing a repertoire of relevant choreography and world-class dancers representative of our community. Collage believes that participation in the arts enriches communities and is critical to economic and social development. The company works to increase access to outstanding ballet training, increase diversity on professional ballet stages and increase participation by people of color at ballet and other fine arts events.

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