Diet Coke’s #BecauseICan Challenge hits Downtown Memphis

We asked a few Memphians in the downtown area if they wanted to try the new flavors of Diet Coke, but we made them work for it!

Everyone knows and loves the original Diet Coke, but recently, four amazing new flavors hit the shelves of a grocery store near you: Feisty Cherry, Twisted Mango, Zesty Blood Orange, and Ginger Lime. After we had a chance to try them all, we had to share exactly how good they were, so we headed to Downtown Memphis to see if anyone wanted to try one… with a catch, of course. #BecauseICan

The Bluff City Weekend crew offered a free can of one of the new flavors to anyone willing to attempt one of our random challenges, and we weren’t disappointed!  From showing off their coordination and balance, to singing about Diet Coke for a Diet Coke, we were pretty impressed with the skills of some of our fellow Memphians.

Get in on the fun! #BecauseICan

Now that you’ve seen what other people are willing to do to try these delicious new flavors of Diet Coke, we want to see what you can do! Use the hashtag #BecauseICan and show us what you’ve got with your favorite new Diet Coke flavor! You can grab a pack of them at any grocery store.