Easy-to-teach swimming safety tips

Here are a couple of super easy-to-learn tips that you can teach your kids to help keep them safe around water this Summer!

If you’ve got plans to be poolside this summer, check out these quick and easy tips from the YMCA that you can teach your kids!  After learning this tip, your child will know what to do if they’re struggling in the water, as well as how to easily get out of the water if they fall in.

Swim, float, swim!

This tip is easy to learn, and you’ll be able to teach your child how to keep from tiring out if they are struggling to get to the side of the pool where they can rest.

Just teach your child to remember to “Swim, float, then swim!”  This concept is as easy as it sounds.  The general idea is to teach them to swim a little bit, then flip over and float on their back for a bit to keep from tiring out.  You’ll see the in the video that the instructors teach the kids to “starfish,” which is a fun way for them to remember what they’re supposed to do.  Once they’ve flipped over, then they can continue to swim, float, and swim to safety.

Elbow, elbow, stomach, knee

The second easy-to-teach tip will educate your child on how to easily get out of the pool once they get to the side, or simply how to get out if they fall in.  Just teach your child to remember “Elbow, elbow, stomach, knee,” and they can easily pull themselves out of the water.  Like the concept above, this is super simple to teach and for your child to learn! Just teach your child to put their elbows on the side of the pool, one at a time, and push themselves up where they can get their stomach on the side of the pool. From there, they can pull one knee up to the side and easily pull themselves the rest of the way up.

More Safety Tips from the YMCA

While this is an easy safety tip to teach your kids at home, the YMCA of Memphis & the Mid-South offers classes all Summer long that will educate your child even more about swimming and water safety.  For more information from the YMCA of Memphis & the Mid-South, head over to their website and check it out!

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Teach your kids this easy swimming safety tip from the YMCA