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Events for April 31, 2019

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Commute Challenge

Commuters in Memphis are challenged to shift gears from riding alone to riding with friends, using public transit, walking, or biking to and from work.

12:00 AM

Crafting A Legacy: 40 Years of Collecting & Exhibiting at the Metal Museum

In honor of the its 40th Anniversary, the Metal Museum presents an exhibition of past, current, and future Master Metalsmiths and Tributaries artists, who represent both the heights of achievement and the promising future of the metals field.

12:00 AM

Tributaries: Jill Baker Gower | Reflection

Jill Baker Gower creates jewelry and sculpture informed by her female experience and our consumer culture’s portrayal of women’s needs and desires.

12:00 AM

Tremble Weeds

8:00 PM