Happy birthday: Sage advice from a 100-year-old Midtown resident

The Bluff City team visited Mrs. Clyde Lessure at the Midtown Center for Health and Rehab to wish her a happy birthday and left with a few words of wisdom.

Cheers to a fast and furious life

Midtown Center for Health & Rehab, a Memphis nursing home, is celebrating a life lived fast!

At least that’s what Mrs. Clyde Lessure, the eldest resident at Midtown Center, said when we asked how she managed to live so long.

“Fast! [Laughs] Excuse me for this word, but my mamma used to say, ‘That ol’ fast #%$ girl.’ [Laughs],” said Lessure.

Lessure was born in 1919 and turned 100 years old April 11, 2019, but she had no idea the big date was coming until her Certified Nursing Assistant Angela Woodard did the math.

“She thought she was 94. She was stuck on 94 until I came in one day and realized… Mrs. Lessure, that makes you 99 and a half,” said Woodard.

Once Woodard realized Mrs. Lessure’s 100th birthday was fast approaching, she organized a birthday celebration to honor her century on earth.

Happy 100 years Mrs. Clyde Lessure

From everyone at Bluff City Life, we want to wish you a very happy birthday! We’ll make sure to put action to your advice about life in the fast lane.