How to set your School Year Goals

Here are a few tips for staying organized and motivated throughout the school year.

During the school year, you’ll have many assignments projects and tests, so in between the studying and preparation, remember to stay focused on your goals.

While it’s important to learn well, study hard and make great grades, set quarterly goals for yourself to keep motivated throughout the school year.

A little goes a long way. Overcome procrastination and the last-minute rush by working on projects as soon as they are assigned.

Dealing with a hard topic? Don’t give up, but pace yourself. When something is new and challenging, study as much as you can even if you don’t understand it, then put it on pause. Relax your mind and visit the problem another day. It will become less difficult over time if you allow yourself to digest the new material.

Be self-aware and recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Whether social or academic, take note on where you need to improve and make conscious steps to do so. The goal isn’t to be perfect, but to become better. If you are persistent and patient your diligence will pay off.