Is this the most extravagant Father’s Day gift ever?

Groupon has a fully furnished, sound proof man cave listed for $60,000.

It’s basically an 8×10 foot black box that has all the fixings for a great man cave including:

  • 65′ Smart TV
  • power recliner
  • soundbar with subwoofer
  • mini frig
  • memorabilia of your dad’s favorite sports team

It even comes with installation.

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The ultra man-cave was designed for the one lucky dad to receive this mega-gift to have some serious me time. It has remote controlled lights, noise reduction capabilities, and ventilation system and a lock (to keep you, kids, out).

So, yes. The answer is yes. This is an extravagant Father’s Day gift in our humble opinion.

Although if you have $60K to spare, we say go for it. It seems pretty awesome! Then invite us over to party.