KFC is testing a donut fried chicken sandwich

Normally you wouldn’t think of pairing donuts and fried chicken together, but KFC is testing it out in select markets.

So picture this…a donut fried chicken sandwich! It’s a piece of fried chicken between two glazed donuts for $5.99. The fast food chain is also testing out a Fried Chicken & Donut Basket meal, which includes chicken on the bone or chicken tenders paired with one donut for $5.49. If one donut isn’t enough, try two donuts for $7.49. The more, the better!

If you just want the donut, add one to any meal for just a dollar.

Source: Kentucky Fried Chicken

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The sweet and savory combo has been popular in places like Philadelphia, San Diego and Portland in recent year. If you’re up to try it, it’s available now in the Norfolk/Richmond, Virginia, and Pittsburgh areas.

Even though it’s not a traditional combo, no one ever said no to chicken and waffles, right?

If sales go well, you could be seeing this one in other places around the country soon.