Major Music Video Director in Memphis for Crunk Ain’t Dead Remix

Downtown Memphis turned into a stage for Gabriel Hart's latest project. See how he's brought crunk back to life with some big names in music.

On Tuesday, 04 February 2020 we broke the news to Memphis that Rapper Duke Deuce, from the 901, and Lil Jon were here shooting a music video for the Crunk Ain’t Dead remix! We hung out on set with them during the shoots at Orpheum Theater and Arcade Restaurant.

Crunk Ain't Dead Music Video Shoot at Arcade Restaurant
Crunk Ain’t Dead Music Video Shoot at Arcade Restaurant

But before they left town to finish up, Director Gabriel Hart, sat down with us, exclusively.

He’s a proud Memphian, who thought it was important to showcase how the origins of crunk culture are linked to Memphis by recognizing some of our iconic locations.

“I lived in Atlanta for a long time and I’m always championed with saying, ‘Crunk is cool, but it started in Memphis.’ No one would really pay attention to me, but this is the song where I could really validate my point.”

– Gabriel Hart

The Arcade Restaurant is one where he’s paying homage to Three 6 Mafia, and he says “the fact that Juicy J is in the record makes it more significant for me to be there”

Check out Lil Jon & Duke Deuce in Memphis to shoot music video for Crunk Ain’t Dead Remix

“The interesting thing about Arcade, is that when I was a kid in ’96 / ’97 Three 6 Mafia was how Drake is now to everyone. They were my heroes. Anfernee Hardaway, Lorenzen White, Jerry Lawler, I looked up to that world. I remember, “Tear the Club Up” [Arcade] was the intro of the video. For most Memphis artists that care, they reference that location in their videos to pay homage to Three 6 Mafia. […] And also, me and Juicy J work [together] a lot in Los Angeles, and we never shot a video in Memphis. I felt like if I were going to do it, now is the time, this is the song for it. […] Bringing Lil’ Jon to Memphis where I feel like it started was very important to me, along with incorporating iconic Memphis locations where we could all recognize instantly. To have an artist like Lil Jon in our spots is really special.”

It is Memphis! In the music, on the screen and behind the scenes.

We’re excited for the release of this music video – expect it around 19 February! Hart’s passion for each one of his projects is prevalent.  His videos are creative and filled with intention, earning him respect from artists like Ice Cube, Juicy J and Future.

Odds are you’ve seen Hart’s work. Keep up with his latest projects through his production company, Vietnam Vanguard Films.