Memphis Armored Fight Club is exactly what it sounds like

Real armor. Real metal weapons. Real fighting... The Memphis Armored Fight Club is EXACTLY what it sounds like!

First Rule of Memphis Armored Fight Club: You must talk about Memphis Armored Fight Club

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “What does that mean? Armored Fight Club?” It’s exactly what it sounds like. This fight club features real suits of armor, real metal weapons, and fighters who are giving it their all to come out of the ring victorious. We promise you, this will be one of the craziest, most exciting things you have ever seen.

The Weapons

These fighters use a large variety of real steel weapons, everything from one-handed swords and longswords to polearms, axes and more. These weapons have dulled edges, because, duh, they don’t want to murder each other. As the President of Memphis Armored Fight Club says, they just want to inflict “a comfortable level of hurt.”

The Armor

Not only do the fighters have to wear real armor, but the pieces must be historically consistent. These guys aren’t out here strapping trash can lids to their chests and calling it a breastplate. They’ve done the research and they are using pieces consistent with what you would find on warriors centuries ago.

If you’re interested in joining, but thinking to yourself, “I don’t own any armor,” don’t worry, they have some loaner armor to get you started that is usually one-sized fits all.

The Fights

The rules of the fights are pretty simple: no stabbing, no groin strikes, no hits to the back of the knee, and no hits to the feet.  All of the fights are scored similar to boxing, you get one point for every clean strike of the blade, and fights are only 90 seconds long.

For more information on the Memphis Armored Fight Club or to find out when their next event is, visit their Facebook Page here.

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