MemPops are a summertime staple in Memphis

Nothing is better than a MemPop on a hot day! Take a look in the kitchen and see how MemPops are made!

If you’ve attended any outdoor event in Memphis, you’ve more than likely seen a MemPops cart roaming around selling their frozen treats.  If you haven’t ever tried a MemPop, do yourself a favor and change that today!  Seasonally, there are more than 100 flavors of MemPop to choose from year-round, and with both a fruit and cream bases they have something for everyone.

The Flavors

Whether your like fruity flavors like strawberry or pineapple, or you’re more of a fan of the chocolates and caramels, MemPops has all the bases covered.  The MemPops menu is full of unique flavors that you’ve probably never seen before. On the fruity side, there are flavors like Grilled Pineapple, Avocado Lime and Mint Lemonade.  On the creamy side of things, there are flavors like Coffee & Caramel, Banana Nutella and Mango Lassi. Not only do they have flavors for people, but you can also get a pupsicle for your pooch!

MemPops Flavors
There are over 20 flavors of MemPop to try.

The Ingredients and Making MemPops

Every MemPop is handcrafted in their kitchen, using fresh, all-natural ingredients.  MemPops uses everything from fresh vanilla and fruits like oranges and strawberries, to fresh cinnamon and cocoa.  The ingredients for each flavor are combined, and the mixtures are poured into a giant mold.  It looks a lot like a really big ice cube tray, only more popsicle shaped.  Once the trays have been evened out and all of the molds are full, they are placed in a freezer and given popsicle sticks.  After that, the freezer is closed, and the MemPops freeze at temperatures under -20 degrees for around 30 minutes.  Once they’re frozen, the trays are taken out of the freezer, the MemPops are pulled out of the molds, and they are put in another freezer until they are ready to be packaged and sealed.

MemPops Ingredients
MemPops are made using fresh, all-natural ingredients.

What flavor will you try next?

For more information on MemPops, visit their website!