More Than Jewelry, David Quarles Creates Wearable Art

Memphis jewelry maker, David Quarles, opens up to Bluff City Life's Janeen Gordon about his process of making jewelry that makes a statement.

Wearable Art

Memphis maker, David Quarles, is a man of many talents. The talent he’s best known for is crafting lavish statement pieces, earrings and bracelets.

Quarles’ wearable art is a reflection of his ancestral history which is just as varied as his beautiful jewelry. Each piece beckons to a time and place when we looked to the sky and our roots for guidance. For Quarles, the time isn’t some bygone era–its now. The place, is Memphis.

Bluff City Life’s Janeen Gordon got inside the mind of this skilled artist to see what fruits from a followed passion.

About the Artist

David Quarles IV, born and raised in Memphis, TN, grew up knowing that art would be a way of life for him; a way of expressing his existence. Being of African-American, Indigenous American, European and Caribbean descent, David passionately expresses his love of culture and diversity in all that he does. In fact, the names of pieces in his collections are derived from languages spoken by David’s ancestors.

Each design from IV a piece of David’s intuitive imagination manifested into wearable art.

IV – Culturally inspired design that speaks from the soul.


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