New Memphis Adult Sports League is looking for players

If you’re a former athlete, that desire to compete will always still be somewhere in your heart.  Now, there’s great news for Memphians who still have that burning desire! There is a new adult sports league coming to downtown Memphis, and you’re definitely going to want to be a part of this.  This recreational sports league, brought to you by Carolina Watershed and Grind City Athletics, will look to give adults in Memphis a chance to compete in several different recreational sports.

This free league will divide teams up based on their residential neighborhoods in the Memphis Metro area, and there will be a ton of different sports that you’ll be able to compete in.  While at the end of the day, there will be a winning team and a losing team, this league will be more about having fun with your fellow Memphians than anything else.  Plus, you’ll also be able to order a sweet neighborhood-centric jersey to sport at the games!

The league begins March 22, so make sure you sign up for a team now!!

Neighborhood Map from the Memphis Adult Sports League

More from the Memphis Adult Sports League and Carolina Watershed from the press release

In many cities comparable to Memphis there are booming adult recreational sports leagues, so why not here? There’s huge enthusiasm around our city for playing sports — people crave a wide variety of options from competitive sports like soccer, volleyball and ultimate frisbee, to more leisurely pursuits like horseshoes, badminton and cornhole. Historically, the hurdle has been that grownups are busy and find it difficult to commit to the time and money needed in order to participate regularly.

Enter Memphis Adult Sports League at Carolina Field. There is a large, sodded area that can accommodate a wide variety of games, just adjacent to the downtown restaurant, Carolina Watershed. Interested competitors will be assigned to a team that will be based on the neighborhood in which they live in the Memphis metro area. No single player has to commit to participating every weekend, as the teams will likely be quite large, but anyone can play whenever they would like to. The beauty of our approach is that this opportunity is absolutely free  because of the additional anticipated revenue at different downtown establishments, including both Carolina Watershed and Loflin Yard, before, during and after the games.

Carolina Watershed has partnered with Grind City Athletics (GCA) to help with logistics including scheduling and results tracking. While this league is more about recreation and comradery than winning, the partnership with GCA will provide stats for the more competitive participants who want to form their own teams and really commit and compete.

Right now, the league is in the process of spreading the word and collecting information from interested players, via their website, where they will also offer optional neighborhood centric team jerseys for sale. Their surveys will help them choose which sports to offer at the outset. They also plan to ultimately engage in up to a dozen or more games that will be played Friday through Sunday of every weekend, beginning March 22, and culminating in a championship weekend beginning June 1. The winning neighborhood team from each game will be crowned victorious. And if that’s not enough, they will launch the summer series the following weekend.

For additional information please visit or follow them on Facebook @memphisadultsports.