Pickle Doritos are tangy and now available

Potato chip giant Frito Lay released a new flavor of Doritos to go along with the classic Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch: Tangy Pickle Doritos. For a limited time in Dollar General stores, you can snack on a 9 ¾ ounce bag of the slightly sour and vinegar-y tortilla chips. Each bag costs about $3. Twelve chips (which is a serving size) contain about 140 calories, 260 milligrams of sodium and seven grams of fat. Until now, you could only find these pickled chips in Canada.

Just like all of the other dozens of Doritos flavors, you can still enjoy the pickle chip dust on your fingers after you’ve devoured the bag. Look for the bright lime green bag at a nearby Dollar General. These would go great with tuna sandwiches!

Pickle Doritos tangy

Since Taco Bell uses the Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese chips for their Loco Taco shells, we wonder if a Tangy Pickle Loco Taco might be coming soon. The release of Tangy Pickle Doritos comes a few days after the announcement of Zapp’s Fried Pickle appetizers coming to the freezer case.

And if you’re craving some fried pickles, here’s how you can make them yourself…

Foolproof Fried Pickles