Pop Tarts now in the form of ice cream bars

Pop-Tarts… Once only a pastry that can be eaten hot or cold for breakfast (sometimes lunch, dinner and late night snackies). But now the makers of Pop-Tarts have teamed up with Good Humor to soon release new Pop-Tarts Bars. Whatever you do, do NOT stick these in the toaster or microwave. Good Humor took the popular Brown Sugar Cinnamon pastry and turned it into an ice cream treat!

Pop-Tarts Bar
Photo Souce: Good Humor

It’s similar to Good Humor’s Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bars. Cinnamon ice cream wrapped in vanilla ice cream sounds amazing but then its coated in what looks like crushed Pop-Tarts. The ice cream contains milk with no artificial growth hormones. You can see the new ice cream treat now on Good Humor’s website.

Pop-Tarts Bar
Photo Source: Good Humor

No price and launch date has yet to be announced. So keep an eye on your grocer’s freezer aisle (you can use the Good Humor store locator option) and maybe your local ice cream truck. We’re hoping more iconic Pop-Tarts flavors will come out in ice cream form later. (Come on Hot Fudge Sundae!)

This upcoming launch of Pop-Tarts Bars continues the trend of breakfast items becoming sweet desserts and sweet desserts turning into breakfast foods.