Sisters and Suitcases offers female travelers a journey to Ghana

This trip is in commemoration of the country’s “Year of Return”

Sisters and Suitcases is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for female travelers to experience the “Year of the Return” in Ghana.

The trip commemorates the 400th year anniversary of the first enslaved Africans’ arrival to English Colonial America from Ghana in 1619. Company owner Tamaya Walker-McClendon is leading the trip Aug. 9 through 15 and Aug. 22 through 28.

“The “Year of Return” is the commemoration of the diaspora’s return to the continent and the opportunity for women of all backgrounds to experience Accra and how Pan-Africanism is a true part of Ghanaian culture,” Walker-McClendon said. “People have come to have a negative connotation of Africa. I want to unlock this hidden gem and allow women to experience Ghana and a taste of Africa they have never seen before–breathtaking views, loving people, delicious cuisine, cool places filled with lots culture, music and so much more.”

Women on this journey will immerse themselves in Ghanaian culture.

Explore Jamestown and High Street through the beginning of Accra, visit design houses, take part in part in cooking lessons and Batik making as well as enjoy high life music and special events such as the Chale Wote Festival. They also get the chance to participate in a naming ceremony, explore the heart of the ancient pre-colonial Ashanti Kingdom in Kumasi and hike through Kakum National Park. The highlight of this adventure is a visit to Elmina and Cape Coast Slave Dungeons-two important reminders of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the Door of No Return.

The cost of the trip starts at $2,897 for double occupancy. Single occupancy is available for an additional charge.

“Sisters and Suitcases is committed to curating itineraries that create opportunities for our female travelers to connect with local communities and other women around the world. We bring our travelers closer to the people and culture of the destination through authentic experiences,” Walker-McClendon said.

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Sisters and Suitcases is a woman-owned travel boutique firm that specializes in cultural experiences for women of color who are solo travelers. Founded in 2016, the company is headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas.  A selection of small and custom group tours in Dubai, Egypt, Ghana, Italy and Paris are available on rotation.