Tennessee’s favorite TV couple is…

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and love is certainly in the air.  If you’re the type to stay in on this holiday as opposed to going on a date to a fancy restaurant, why not kick back and celebrate the holiday with some of the nation’s favorite TV couples?  The team at USDish.com did some calculations, and they have come up with a list of America’s Favorite TV Couples, broken down by each state.

To determine each state’s most popular screen couple, the team at USDish.com used Google Trends data from the past five years and looked at twenty-four iconic couples.

A few of the finds…

  • Jim and Pam from The Office are the most popular couple in eight states.
  • That 70s Show came in second, with popularity in six states, and Friends and Mike & Molly were tied for third with popularity in five states each. But That 70s Show and Friends fans are divided between Eric and Donna and Jackie and Kelso, and Ross and Rachel and Monica and Chandler, respectively.
  • It’s fitting that New York’s favorite TV couple is Carrie and Big, since Sex and the City is set in the Big Apple.
  • Gossip Girl also takes place in New York, which could be why neighboring states Connecticut and New Jersey love Chuck and Blair.
  • That 70s Show takes place in Wisconsin, and Wisconsinites root for Jackie and Kelso the most. (Another interesting fact is that although their characters don’t end up together on the show, their actors, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, are now married with two children.)
  • Monica and Chandler beat out Ross and Rachel in terms of popularity, even though Ross and Rachel are considered Friends’ most iconic couple.
  • The South loves vampires. A number of iconic vampire movies have been filmed or take place in states like Georgia and Mississippi. That could be why those states love TV vampire couple Damon and Elena.

Tennessee’s favorite TV couple is…

The data is in, and Tennessee just can’t get enough of Glenn and Maggie from the Walking Dead!  What do you think? Did the team at DISH get it right, or do you love watching another one of America’s favorite TV couples?