The Greyhound is downtown Memphis’ newest bar

Waiting for something cool to happen can feel like waiting for a bus. You know it’s coming eventually, but you still have this feeling of wanting to be where you’re going now.Fortunately for you, something cool just got here; and conveniently enough, it’s in what used to be a bus station.

The Greyhound is downtown Memphis’ newest bar, and it’s appropriately located in a former Greyhound bus station connected to the Hilton Garden Inn hotel. The Greyhound of course serves local brews alongside a selection of wine, spirits, and a small plates menu, but their focus is gin.

Part of the experience of the Greyhound is the tableside cocktail mixing. Patrons can order their drinks how they want – picking the gin, the tonic, the bitters, and the fruits and herbs they want as part of their craft cocktail. The attention to detail can be seen all the way down to the ice, which is branded with the silhouette of a greyhound dog.

The bar gets its name from a couple of places: its previously mentioned history as a Greyhound station, and the classic drink “the Greyhound,” which is a gin and grapefruit concoction. Naturally, the Greyhound is the Greyhound’s signature drink.

Being attached to the Hilton Garden Inn means a few things. Firstly it means that hungrier Greyhound-goers will be able to order from the full menu dinner of the Seasons restaurant located in the Hilton. It also means you’re right across the street from Autozone park, making it a perfect spot to pre-game your next Redbirds and 901FC outings.

Fun history of the site: before the Greyhound bar was even a Greyhound bus station, it was the Smith Motor Coach Company. That’s “Smith” as in the father of FedEx founder Fred Smith. It became Dixie Greyhound Lines after The Greyhound Corporation bought a controlling share in 1931. That Greyhound line ran between Memphis and Chicago until 2011. Now the building has come full circle and is back in the hands of a Memphian.

If you’re looking to give this new craft cocktail bar a shot, they’re open Monday-Thursday 4-11pm and Friday/Saturday 4pm-1am.