The McRib is back, and you can get it McDelivered to your house

The infamous McRib sandwich is back! This time, you can enjoy all that saucy-goodness on a bun without ever leaving the comfort of your home!

McDonald’s has launched their new “McDelivery” service through Uber Eats–delivering food right to your doorstep in under 30 minutes! The only thing you’ll have to worry about is your Uber Eats driver sniffing that delicious McRib, and being tempted to take a bite of your sandwich! (We’re kidding, Uber!)

McDonald’s announced this week that the McRib would be available for a limited time in Memphis, and at more than 9,000 locations nationwide via McDelivery.  You can download the McDonald’s Finder app, or the Uber Eats app to get your hands on a McRib before they’re all gone.


A Brief History of the McRib

The McRib has been a fan favorite for over 35 years, and the seasoned boneless pork combined with a tangy barbecue sauce, pickles and onions on a hoagie has had people clamoring for it every time it returns to the menu.  It first appeared on McDonald’s menus in 1981, after the company needed a quick fix during a chicken shortage that started in 1979.  The sandwich was removed from the menu in 1985, but it became a year-round menu item once again between 1994 and 2005.  Since then, it has been taken off the menu, and is usually offered once a year for the fans who really love the sandwich. The sandwich has such a cult following, fans have created a McRib Locator website for finding a McRib closest to you, and now there’s even an app that can do the same.

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