This baby monkey at Memphis Zoo is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen

The Spot-Nose Guenons at the Memphis Zoo has welcomed a new baby to their family!

The spot-nosed guenon family at the Memphis Zoo is celebrating the birth of a new baby!

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About the baby

The baby spot-nose guenon was born pretty well developed.  The mother carries for around 6 months before delivery, and even at about 10 days old this baby monkey can hang on very tightly to mom as she swings through the treetops.  At around 2 weeks, the baby is even more developed and will want to start venturing off on its own.  However, the mother keeps a very watchful eye on her child and won’t let it get too far away.  Even though it will begin eating solid foods around a month old, it will continue to nurse with mom for about 9 months.

Baby Spot-Nosed Guenon

More on the Spot-Nosed Guenon

There are over 36 species of guenons in the world, but the Memphis Zoo is home to six Spot-Nosed Guenons.  In the wild, this species of guenon can be found primarily on the western coastal countries of Africa.  They typically hang around the middle canopy of the jungle, to avoid predators on the lower canopy like leopards and predators on the upper canopy like eagles.  Chimpanzees have even been known to hunt and kill guenons.

Guenons are omnivorous, so they eat mostly fruits and vegetables, but they will also sometimes eat insects and eggs.  They have even been known to eat small birds!  Another interesting fact is that guenons have cheek-pouches very similar to hamsters.  Their cheek-pouches are roughly the same size as their stomachs.  They will take their food in as quickly as possible and store it in their cheek-pouches until they can get to a place where they can eat it without being bothered.

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This article was written in May 2019.