This gaming center is giving Memphians the ultimate gaming experience

Game oN Networking Center in Memphis is bringing the best games to one location. Challenge your friends, book a party, or play in a tournament!

Education through gaming.  That’s the motto of the Game oN Networking Center.  This establishment is totally different from most arcade-style centers.  While you can come out with friends and play all the games you want, Game oN really focuses on making sure that the people who come in leave with some sort of knowledge they didn’t have before they went in.  One of their big focuses is on youth and gaming, and how they can use their passion for gaming later in life.

Whether it’s through learning how to code, learning things through virtual reality, or practicing their competitive gaming skills for tournaments and “G-Sports” leagues, Game oN takes education through gaming very seriously.  They are also looking to give youth the opportunity to apply for Video Game College Scholarships through their We Got Game Program.

Game oN features arcade games, PC Gaming, consoles like Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, and virtual reality games.

Check out their Facebook page here, and find out more information on the Game oN Networking center from their website.