This modern-day speakeasy is a hidden gem in Downtown Memphis

Speakeasies have come a long way from what they used to be. You won't need a password to enter this modern-day speakeasy Downtown, but you can't just walk through the front door either. Watch and find out why!

What is a speakeasy?

During the prohibition era, people still needed a place to grab a drink and unwind. Alcohol sales were illegal during the time, so that kind of made turning up a little difficult. That is, until secret, unlicensed bars called “speakeasies” came about. These establishments, often hidden by other business fronts, were extremely popular, despite their illegality.  Even if you knew where one was located, some of them were even required a password before you could enter.  

Speakeasies are no longer illegal, but the mystique and nostalgia around them is still very much alive. They are still in operation in cities all across the country, if you know where to find them.

Tailor’s Union and The Pocket

Downtown Memphis is home to one such modern speakeasy. Tailor’s Union on Union Avenue is disguised as a tailor shop, but around the back is a “secret” entrance that leads to one of the coolest bars in the city.  The bar’s design doesn’t reflect what you think of as far as traditional speakeasies: the furniture is more modern, the walls are brightly colored, with beautiful artwork hanging throughout the bar.  While anyone can enter and enjoy their original cocktails and small dishes, there is an exclusive member’s only area if you know where to find it.

If you’re a member, you can head downstairs from Tailor’s Union and find The Pocket.  This level looks a little more like a traditional speakeasy with an almost a “vintage” atmosphere and look, but the exclusivity is what attracts members. Not to mention, The Pocket has its own cigar lounge called the “TAB room,” where members can chill out and share cigars with each other.

Tailor’s Union and The Pocket are open every Wednesday through Saturday starting at 4:00 PM.