We spent an entire day at Incredible Pizza, here’s what happened

Incredible Pizza isn't just an amazing place to host a birthday party or family night out. We've proven you can have fun there even on a weekday afternoon.

With hundreds of different arcade games, and activities like laser tag and indoor go-karts, Incredible Pizza is one of the top family entertainment centers in the world.  Twice they’ve been voted #1 in the world by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions.  One step inside, and you’ll see why.  Not only do they have a pizza buffet big enough to feed the whole party, they have more games and more activities than you could imagine.

The Game Room

There are hundres of games insdie Incredible Pizza.  They have everything from your traditional arcade games like shooters and racing games, to games of skill like skeeball and basketball.  Air hockey, crane games — if you want to play it, they have it at Incredible Pizza.  They even have arcade versions of your favorite video games, ranging from classics like Space Invaders, to more modern games like Guitar Hero.  Almost all of the games reward players with tickets which can be exchanged at the prize center for a number of awesome prizes.

Other activities

Incredible Pizza has much more to offer than just arcade games.  Take a spin on their indoor go-kart track, or even ride on their indoor rollercoaster, “The Spin Coaster.”  If that’s not enough for you to handle, you definitely have to check out their laser tag arena!  You can team up with your party, or have a giant free-for-all.  If you get shot by another player, your vest will deactivate and you won’t be able to shoot for a few seconds, leaving you to scramble for cover until your vest is active again.  There are also special mods that can be activated for each laser tag match, like “Rapid Fire Mode,”  which will turn your laser pistol into an automatic firing rifle.

Book Your Party Today!

Incredible Pizza is an awesome place for your kid’s birthday party, family night, or even just a night out on the weekend with your friends.  The atmosphere is very family-friendly, and with all the different things to do, you won’t find yourself waiting forever to play a game.  If you’re bringing a large group, book your party now over at the Incredible Pizza website.