Where to Pick Your Own Fruit in Memphis

If you ask around the South, you'll be told that picking your own fruit from an orchard is hands down better than what you can find at the grocery store. Check our list to find out where you can pick YOUR own fruit!

Picking your own fruit at an orchard or a farm can be an AWESOME experience, especially if you turn it into a family outing. You know it’s as fresh as it can be, and you can feel rewarded with a snack after the labor of it all. If you’re planning an outing, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Stay hydrated! Make sure you bring lots of water.
  • Bring sunscreen, and/or a wide-brimmed hat to protect you from the sun.
  • Wear comfortable, athletic clothing and shoes.  Some people even suggest long pants/sleeves because of the bugs.

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Where to Pick Your Own in Memphis

There are a few places right here around Memphis where you can start planning a pick-your-own adventure today!  Don’t forget, when you combine freshly picked fruit with some fresh vegetables from a Memphis Farmer’s Market, you’re helping support the local economy, as well as a local farmer and his family!

Jones U-Pick Orchards6824 Big Creek Church Rd in Millington

Jones U-Pick Orchards offers several fruit-picking opportunities throughout the summer, including peaches, strawberries, and blackberries.  If you don’t have time to stop by for the full picking experience, they also offer their goods at a couple of roadside markets. You can also find them at three of our regional farmer’s markets.

Click here to find out what fruits are available at Jones Orchard.

(Souce: Jones Orchard via Website)

Martha’s Blueberries8870 Jernigan Drive in Somerville

Martha’a Blueberries offers pesticide-free blueberries and even offers free water to visitors.  They usually stay open for business until around the second week of August, when blueberry season is over.

Click here to go to their Facebook page.

(Source: Martha’s Blueberries via Facebook)

Wilson Blueberry Farm4085 Highway 193 in Collierville

This is a small, family-run farm that offers a you-pick opportunity, as well as pre-packaged fresh blueberries.  They are typically open from mid-June until mid-August and regularly post picking updates on their Facebook page.

Click here to go to their Facebook page.

(Source: Wilson Blueberry Farm via Facebook)

Windemere Farms & Apiaries3060 Woodhills Dr. in Memphis

Windemere Farms offers blueberries, strawberries, and tons of different fresh vegetables.  As the name suggests, they also sell fresh, local honey. They are open every day except for Wednesday and Sunday.

Click here to go to their Facebook page.

(Source: Windemere Farms and Apiaries via Facebook)

Cedar Hill Farm008 Love Rd. in Hernando

Cedar Hill has 120 acres of beautiful rolling hills and offers pickers blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, as well as a variety of different vegetables throughout the year.  They even have a petting zoo for the kids!

Click here to visit their website.

(Source: Cedar Hill Farm via Instagram)

Nesbit Blueberry Plantation690 Bankston Rd. in Hernando

This Blueberry farm just south of Memphis offers a you-pick opportunity from the middle of June until the end of Summer.   If you can’t make it out for a picking session, they always have some frozen!

Click here to go to their Facebook page.

(Source: Nesbit Blueberry Plantation via Facebook)

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