Which female-led TV shows are Mid-Southerners obsessed with?

March is Women’s History Month

What better way to celebrate than recognizing the Mid-South’s favorite female-led TV show?

Female-led TV shows have been especially on the rise over the past few years; Netflix even created a category for shows “Featuring a Strong Female Lead.” The team at USDirect.com used Google Search Trends data to determine which popular female-led TV show each state is watching the most.


(Source: DirectTV)


Which female-led shows are Mid-Southerners watching?

According to their findings Tennessee can’t get enough of ABC’s hit show “Once Upon A Time.”

Mississippi is on the edge of their seat every week for Shonda Rhimes’ hit show “How to Get Away with Murder.”

Finally, Arkansas is tangled up in the gossip and glamour of the teen drama “Pretty Little Liars.”

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