12 foods to boost your immune system

Watch the video to see some surprising facts about some delicious and good-for-you food.

In addition to washing hands and using hand sanitizers, there’s plenty you can do to boost your immune system from the inside. Next time you’re out shopping, pick up these handy foods that boost your immune system.


Crawfish – High in Zinc which is an essential mineral that the body needs to help immune cells function. Other shellfish like lobster, oysters and crabs also fit the bill.

Chicken – There’s a good reason why chicken soup is the go to for many sick individuals. Chicken is an excellent source of Vitamin B-6 as it helps produce new red blood cells and assists in beneficial chemical reactions in the body.



Spinach – Popeye’s favorite leafy vegetable is packed full of vitamin C, antioxidants and beta carotene. Tip – Lightly cook it and will be better for you with more vitamin A and other nutrients.

Broccoli – Eat this vegetable raw in order to get the maximum effects from the vitamins A, C and E. Plus it contains a lot of fiber.

Red Bell Pepper – There’s more vitamin C in a red bell pepper than in citrus!

Sweet Potato – The beta-carotene in these tubers gets transformed in your body into vitamin A that helps bolster the immune system.


foods boost immune system

Citrus – Grapefruit, oranges, tangerines, lemons, limes and clementines are all foods that boost the immune system. Look for any of them for an incredible amount of vitamin C.

Kiwi – In addition to vitamin C, these little fruit gems contain lots of folate, potassium and vitamin K.

Papaya – Eat half a papaya and you get a full days worth of vitamin C.


Sunflower Seeds – These nutrient-rich snacks help regulate and maintain your immune system.

Yogurt – Look for “Live and Active Cultures” on the label. Greek yogurt and plain yogurt fall into this category.

Almonds – Not only are these nuts full of healthy fats, they are loaded with vitamin E that is a key component of a healthy immune system.

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