15 family movies that won’t make parents pull their hair out

Let’s face it…most family movies are unbearable to sit through for parents. For every Pixar gem, there’s tons of mind-numbingly awful movies filled with terrible songs and annoying animated characters. So if you find yourself stuck at home for the time being with children, don’t worry.

We’ve put together a list of movies for the whole family streaming right now on different platforms that we promise won’t make you want to punch a hole through your TV.

So gather the kiddos and the popcorn, and get ready for a family movie night you’ll enjoy.

Bumblebee – Amazon Prime

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Source: IMDB

A prequel of the extremely successful Transformers series, this movies stars Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena and finds Bumblebee on the run in 1987. It’s packed with a ton of action and a good sense of humor which makes it a perfect watch for the family. Parent’s will dig the ’80s soundtrack as well.

Cartoon Classics – Amazon Prime

Source: Amazon Prime

This one isn’t so much of a sitdown watch, more of something just to throw on in the background. It’s 3 plus hours of classic cartoons from the golden age of animation. All your favorites are included in this collection: Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, Betty Boop and more. And if your kids are fans, Amazon Prime has tons of classic animation available on the service.

Any Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar Movies – Disney +

Source: Disney +

Seriously, if you haven’t invested in Disney’s new streaming service, now would be the perfect time to do. They have everything you could ever want on there and then some. Have a Star Wars weekend. Watch every Marvel movie in order. Sing along to your favorite Disney songs. You have time.

Free Willy – Hulu

Source: IMDB

One of the best family movies of the ’90s finds a young boy befriending a killer whale who’s set to be killed by the aquarium owners. Is it cheesy and a little cliche? Sure, but the movie has a ton of heart, and you could do a lot worse. Plus it features a pretty catchy Michael Jackson song. How many movies can say that?

Heavyweights – Disney +

Source: Disney +

This forgotten Ben Stiller classic finds a bunch of overweight kids lured into joining a fitness summer camp with the promise of quick weight loss and fun times. The only problem, it’s run by a psycho fitness instructor played by Stiller. Fun fact about this one, its the first feature film writing credit for Judd Apatow, who would go on to produce such classics as Knocked Up and The 40 Year Old Virgin. We promise this one is family friendly, though.

Hugo – Netflix

Source: IMDB

Legendary director Martin Scorsese got away from his trademark of crooks and gangsters for this 2011 film which finds an orphan living in the walls of a train station getting wrapped up into a mystery about his late father. The film was heavily represented at the Academy Awards, winning 5 Oscars, and features a star studded cast including Jude Law and Ben Kingsley.

Hook – Netflix

Source: IMDB

Robin Williams stars as an adult Peter Pan who must return to Neverland to challenge his old foe Captain Hook. This one also features a cast full of A-listers like Dustin Hoffman and Julia Roberts and is the perfect movie to watch if you find yourself getting just a little too cynical. If you’re looking for a fun movie that pulls at the kid inside of you, this is it. And trust us, your children will think Rufio is the coolest.

It’s a Wonderful Life – Amazon Prime

Source: Amazon Prime

Who cares if it’s not Christmas? This is one of the best feel good movies of all time, and that’s something we all could use right now. It stars James Stewart as a frustrated businessman who’s helped out by an angel from Heaven. And we promise it will make the entire family feel better. Maybe you could even make it a yearly Christmas tradition?

Instant Family – Amazon Prime

Source: Amazon Prime

This one stars Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne as a married coupled who find themselves in over their head when they foster three children. It’s funny and heart-warming and may even make you tear up just a little.

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark – Netflix

Source: IMDB

What’s there to say about this movie that hasn’t already been said? If your kids have never seen this, it’s a great time to introduce them to this classic. The best part? The entire Indiana Jones series is available on Netflix so your entire family can make a weekend out of it.

National Treasure – Netflix

Source: IMDB

This is the one where Nicolas Cage attempts to steal The Declaration of Independence. And depending on how young your kids are, all the Masonic and Knights Templar references will probably go over their heads, but there’s enough action here to keep them entertained.

Remember the Titans – Disney +

Source: IMDB

One of the best sports movies ever, Denzel Washington stars as the football coach for a newly integrated high school in 1970s Virginia. It’s funny and inspirational and provides a powerful message for both children and parents alike. Plus, it’s an insanely quotable movie so we’re not to be blamed if your sons start pushing each other while screaming, “LEFT SIDE. STRONG SIDE.”

Rookie of the Year – Disney +

Source: Disney +

While not as good a sports movie as Remember the Titans, this one is still a fun film for any family that loves baseball. It’s about a young boy who becomes a pitcher for the Chicago Cubs after a freak accident gives him an incredibly powerful pitching arm. Again, it’s cheesy and cliche, but that was the ’90s for ya.

Space Jam – Netflix

Source: IMDB

Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny make for the perfect family movie combo as the Looney Tunes seek out the aid of MJ in a desperate attempt to win a basketball game and their freedom. The best part of this comes after the movie is over though, when you go down a Youtube rabbit hole of showing your children Jordan highlights and convincing them how much better he is than LeBron.

Turner & Hooch – Disney +

Source: IMDB

Tom Hanks plays a small town detective who teams up with a big goofy dog to solve a murder in this classic ’80s movie. Your kids will find the dog hilarious, and you’ll enjoy a rush of nostalgia as you watch a young Hanks on screen. You might have to break down and finally get your kid a dog after this one.

There you have it! 15+ movies you can watch with the family that you will actually enjoy.