A few travel tips for those hitting the highways for Christmas

Did you know that about 76 percent of Americans are hitting the road this holiday season? According to a wide-ranging survey of Americans, conducted by Volvo and The Harris Poll, nearly half of Americans (45 percent) will travel five hours or more this holiday season. If you’re included in those statistics, here are few tips to keep in mind before you hit the highways!

Comfort is Key

  • Before embarking on your trip, take a minute to adjust your seat settings to ensure you are comfortable behind the wheel. You shouldn’t have to lean forward or “sit on the edge of your seat” while driving.

Be Prepared for Anything

  • Before hitting the road, check your mirrors and gauges, and always try to keep the gas tank above a quarter of a tank just in case. It’s also smart to keep an ice scraper, umbrella, flashlight and extra windshield washer fluid handy just in case.
  • If you encounter icy roads or black ice, make sure to remain calm, keep the wheel straight and allow the car to pass over the ice. Do not hit the brakes.

Keep Passengers Happy while Minimizing Distractions

  • Particularly on long trips, it’s difficult to keep passengers or kids entertained. Consider kicking it old school by playing the License Plate Game or 20 Questions to keep everyone involved in the fun.
  • While devices like tablets are popular, they can pose a risk to others in the car in the event of an accident.

Take Breaks if You’re Traveling Far

  • Planning breaks is best to stretch, move around, clear your head to ensure you stay fresh behind the wheel.

As always, the most important thing to do, is wear a safety belt.

  • Despite amazing safety technology in the car, the seat belt, a 60-year old Volvo invention, is still the most important, so make sure drivers and passengers (even in the back seat) are buckled up.

This information was provided by Volvo Car USA.