Allergies are the worst–this vegan elixir could do the trick!

Have you ever wondered about trying a natural, homemade cure for allergies? Check out this simple video with the help from our friends at the Green Goddess in Memphis to learn how to make your own allergy/sinus relief cure!

Allergies are the worst!

But, knowing the right concoction of ingredients could keep you from carrying allergy symptoms from one season to the next.

A freshly made allergy elixir.

Since 2009, Memphis native Chef Omi Iyalaje from Green Goddess has dedicated her culinary career to crafting healthy snacks and finding ways to combat simple ailments.

Iyalaje opened the exotic popcorn and tea lounge in Binghamton at 3078 Summer Ave. with an empowering mission—to teach women how to nurture their inner goddess.

With classes on womb healing to getting your kids to eat their vegetables, Green Goddess has become more than a place to sip tea and eat vegan snacks. It’s a becoming a community resource for self-healing.

One self-healing concoction Iyalaje was gracious enough to share is the Allergy Elixir. It’s so easy to make once the ingredients are gathered. Just mix it all in the Alkaline water and take a 1 oz. shot every day.

Green Goddess Allergy Elixir:

1 ½  cups Alkaline Water

1 TB of Nettle tea

3 TB Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

1 TB Astragalus Root powder

Pinch of Cayenne Pepper

1 TS Ginger Root Powder

1 Bunch of Basil leaves


You can visit the Green Goddess Popcorn and Tea Lounge for more vegan-friendly elixirs and snacks!