Bluff City Vibes: One Last Shot with Memphis Pop/Soul Artist, Nick Black

Nick Black is blazing Memphis' pop/ soul music scene!

“You are my Grenadine”

Nick Black is steadily becoming a recognizable name in the pop/soul scene with songs reminiscent of current pop idols, but finessed to avoid imitation.

For about 10 years, Black and his talented band of brothers have channeled a fresh perspective on soul to deliver smooth lyrics, soaring falsetto, and waist winding rhythms. All-in-all, they make the kind of jams you wanna put on your toast every morning.

The Bluff City Weekend team got a glimpse of that soulful sound at Memphis Slim Collaborative when Black and his band performed for #BluffCityVibes. We’ve been humming to the tune of Nick Black’s song, Grenadine, ever since.

Grenadine, is the band’s latest song set to be released sometime in November 2018. But, you’ll get to hear it right now, when it was performed for the first time at the collaborative.

Joining Black in the live performance are his music director, Darryl Sanford on the keys, Terrell “Peanut” Reed on the drums, and Chris “Styles” Davis on bass.

Coming to the Soul Side

Developing that pop/soul sound didn’t happen overnight. At first, Black’s music preferences leaned toward old school Memphis, pop bands of the 90’s, and a little hair metal.

It wasn’t until stumbling upon the sweet sounds of  Corrine Bailey Rae’s, Girl Put Your Records On, and D’Angelo’s, Voodoo album, that Black decided to pivot towards more blues and R&B.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Memphis is steeped in music legacy. As an up and coming artist it can feel like your struggling to perform beyond the shadow of giants like Otis Redding, BB King, and Aretha Franklin. Black has a different perspective on the matter. He believes all Memphis artist are standing on the shoulders of legends, and are able to pave the way to continued legacy.

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