Celebrate National Honeybee Day with the Memphis Zoo

Take a look at the honeybee exhibit at the Memphis Zoo in honor of National Honeybee Day, and find out just how important these little guys are to our daily lives!


Did you know bees are responsible for every 1 in 3 bites of food you eat? Or that without bees, cotton would be much harder to grow and harvest?  These little creatures play a huge role in our ecosystem, so we’re here to celebrate just one of the many species – the honeybee!

While there are over 25,000 species of bees, but only about nine can actually produce honey! That means these little guys are super important if you’re a honey lover.  They were specifically brought over to the Americas from Eurasia to produce honey, so they fit right in as an agricultural animal.


More on the Honeybees at Memphis Zoo — Inside the Hive

The honeybee exhibit at the Memphis Zoo is set up to (safely) show visitors what the inside of a beehive looks like.  There’s so much activity inside, you won’t know where to start looking first.   The hive is made up of a queen bee, her worker bees, and the drones.  Each one plays a vital role in the hive and it’s survival.  While the queen bee rules the hive and produces offspring, the workers – all female bees – collect pollen and nectar and come back to the hive to store their goods.  The drones – all male bees – simply help populate the hive for the next few generations.

National Honeybee Day

National Honeybee day is August 17th, and the Memphis Zoo wants you to celebrate with them! There will be all kinds of activities going on near the Honeybee exhibit at the Memphis Zoo, so be sure and stop by, and bring the kids!

For more information on honeybees at the Memphis Zoo, visit their website by clicking here.

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