Civil Pour’s Mixologist Serves Insight on South Main Market

Take a look inside the South Main Market! It houses multiple small businesses in the same space.

Are you looking for a unique atmosphere to enjoy a cup of coffee?

Or maybe you’re looking to enjoy an artfully-crafted cocktail in your sweatpants with a deli sandwich?  No lie, that sounds like heaven.

The South Main Market is serving that and more against the backdrop of a marketplace setting.

You can get your caffeine fix at the Java Cabana, stop by the City Block Salumeria–a full-service butcher shop, deli, and sandwich shop, or brighten up your work space with items from Wallflower Memphis.

The South Main Market also features a small bar with huge flavor ambitions–Civil Pour. They’re serving up choice, craft-cocktails in a “come as you are” setting.

(Source: South Main Market via Website)

Enjoy your favorite local beer, or dive into a hand-crafted cocktail

Civil Pour is one of the coolest spots in Downtown Memphis.

What makes Civil Pour so tastefully titillating is their detailed bar menu. You can enjoy local beers and cocktails your grand-pappy grew up with, but wouldn’t you rather indulge in modern twists on old favorites, and inspiring new concoctions.

The bar is brimming with dried limes and rosebuds, flavored tonics and simple syrups. It all culminates in amazing aromas that resonate in your nose and sit on your tongue until it pairs with a thoughtfully mixed cocktail.

(Source: South Main Market via Website)

The best part about it all is that you’ll usually get a little show. By show I mean lighting tonics, citrus oils, and wood on fire with a mini blow torch.

Yes, lighting anything on fire is considered a “show” in my book!

(Source: Civil Pour via Facebook page)

For more on Civil Pour, check out their Facebook page.
For more on South Main Market, check out their website.

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