Classroom Etiquette for a new learning environment

Classrooms will look more different than ever before, so here are a few tips to keep in mind!

There will no doubt be a few changes once you sit down or you log into your first class this year. And though it may seem a little different, the new guidelines are really in place for the safety of all students, teachers, administrators and to maximize learning for everyone.

And for those of you going to campus, well, what might you expect? The teachers may tell you not to share supplies. Why? Well, COVID-19 can stay for hours on various surfaces. So be prepared and remember to have backup pencils, pens and extra paper.

Also this means no note-passing, but you weren’t going to do that anyway because you’re busy paying attention, right?

Remember to stay in your seats and only get up with your teacher’s permission. Avoid hugging your friends and high-fiving them.

Respect your teacher’s rules and you’re on track for a great school year!