Experience a Virtual Reality Escape Room and Arcade First Hand at Virtuality

Take a quick look at VIRTUALITY! Memphis' first Virtual Reality Arcade and Escape Room. It's Virtual Reality like you've never experienced before!

If you have ever been to an escape room, you’ll know that it takes teamwork and puzzle-solving skills to get yourself out of the room.  Imagine if you could do an escape room in a space shuttle, or in a medieval castle with potions and dragons!  You can do just that at Virtuality.  This is one of the first of its kind in the Memphis area, and it is an absolute blast!


Once you gear up with the headset, you are completely immersed in a 360 degree virtual world.  You can’t see anything in real life, not even the room around you. It’s similar to one of those VR Headsets you can put your smart-phone in, but a much more  You are free to walk (within a certain area — you can see a digital “boundary box” that lets you know where you can walk and where you can’t) and look in any direction, exploring the virtual world around you.  You have two controllers that you hold in each hand that allow you to interact with the game.  Depending on what game or experience you’ve selected, these controllers will allow you to pick up and use objects, weapons, etc.


The escape room experience we chose was inside of a locked Castle Tower, with 2 levels to figure out how to escape from, followed by a final boss fight that you have to figure out how to defeat.  The first level involved finding a way to get a key to unlock a cage door.  The second level involved mixing ingredients together to make potions, that would allow you to find keys and unlock another door.  The boss fight was a giant dragon, and we had to figure out how to use the weapons to kill him.

Again, you literally can’t see any of the real world around you.  After awhile, you’ll be convinced the things you’re seeing are real. At one point, we were walking around a table from one side to the other, and the table isn’t even there!


If you don’t feel like working together in an escape room, you and your party can play against one another in one of the many VR Arcade games.  You’ve probably seen games like “Beat Saber,” and that’s what you can find in the arcade.  There are TONS of games to choose from: first-person shooters, a zombie survival game, sports games like boxing and basketball, and even games where you can create digital 3D art.  You’ve probably seen games like “Beat Saber.” Go and check out the libary for yourself!

To find out more about Virtuality, and to find out how much their rates are, click here to visit their website!

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