Go Crazy at Memphis’ First and Only Rage Room

Are you ready to RAGE? Break anything and everything at CRAZE Memphis!

Got a lot of pent up RAGE?

When simple vices don’t scratching that carnal itch to destroy,  it may be time to pull out a bat and break some stuff.

Now, I’m not saying break your own stuff. It may feel productive in the moment but you’ll regret it 2 seconds after you’ve stopped seeing red.

One place to go hog wild without consequences, or clean up, is CRAZE. It’s the first and only rage room in Memphis!

Memphis native, Sierra Miller, opened CRAZE on August 4 to offer an affordable and fun way to relieve pent-up frustration and aggression.

Well, what about meditation?

Meditation, in my humble opinion, requires patience and practice. Let me reiterate, A LOT of patience and practice that most of us hardworking Mid-Southerners may not have time for.

After a long week of crummy days and even crummier attitudes, you may not have the patience to practice this skill.

Insert instant rage-ification for 5 minutes and voila–you’re at peace with the world again.


5 minutes of rage relief doesn’t cost much!

You can bring your own breakable or destroy other people’s donated items for as little as $10-$15 for 5 minutes.

But if you’re having a really crummy day, you can rage a full 30 minutes for less than $50, which is much lower than other rage rooms in the nation.


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