Kodak selling the world’s largest puzzle with over 50,000 pieces.

If you’re bored at home and looking for something to do, Kodak is selling a product that we promise will take up a considerable amount of your time and probably a spare room in your house.

Kodak’s World’s Largest Puzzle is made up of 27 individual puzzles that, once connected, create a gigantic 51,300 piece collage of famous landmarks from around the globe. Some of the places featured are the Eiffel Tower, London Bridge and Statue of Liberty to name just a few.

All in all, the puzzle measures a whopping 28.5 feet wide and just over 6 feet tall. And oh yeah, it weighs in at over 40 pounds, too.

In a statement on their website, Kodak says each picture was taken by a professional photographer and digitally enhanced to achieve the highest image quality possible.

Luckily, the 27 individual puzzles come in separate bags along with a reference poster and tips to help tackle this colossal puzzle challenge. And if the size and scope alone isn’t enough to make your head spin, the price point might just do the trick.

To have the honor of owning the largest puzzle in the world, you’ll have to shell out over $400 on Amazon. And that price is a deal considering some online retailers have been spotted charging upwards of $600.

We’re not sure we have the space, patience or cash necessary to try our hand at Kodak’s challenge. But if you’re one of the few that do, more power to you.


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