Last Burger on Earth also has the BEST Burger on Earth

Take a look inside Last Burger on Earth, home of some of the best burgers in Memphis, like the "Benedict Burger," the 2017 World Food Championship Burger of the Year.

If you’re a burger lover, LBOE (Last Burger on Earth) is definitely going to hit you in all the right places.  You can come in and get just a classic cheeseburger, but with burgers on the menu with names like “The Fatty Melt,” why not be a little adventurous?  Don’t worry, they still have “bun-less” options if you’re looking to steer clear of the carbs.   Not only are they serving up some of the tastiest burgers in Memphis, but the guys at LBOE also won the 2017 World Food Championship Burger of the Year award with their “Benedict Burger,” which is exactly what it sounds like — Eggs Benedict served up on a special blended patty, and all the fixin’s!


WHERE TO FIND IT: 2021 Madison Ave


RECOMMENDATION: I had the Phoenix Burger, which has garlic aioli, Jalapeno garlic cream cheese, and is topped with hardwood smoked bacon and fried onion petals.  Y’all, saying this burger was good is an understatement.  Plus, if you like just a tiny bit of spice, that jalapeno garlic cream cheese will definitely delight you.

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