Living in the lap of luxury!

Living in the lap of luxury!

If you are a pet owner in the Mid-South and have been looking for a place where your pet can hang out while you are at work, then you are in luck.  PetSuites of America is coming to Memphis and your pet can live in the lap of luxury.  PetSuites started construction on a 14,000-square-foot pet care facility featuring doggy pools, kitty play areas, big dog and little dog play yards, overnight boarding, grooming and other services at 4520 S. Forest Hill Irene Rd. Anne Stanchfield, Top Dog and President/GM of Pet Resorts Operations, says, “If you love dogs like we do, you’ll paws-itively adore our huge play areas and doggie pool parties.”  

It’s a dogs life!

Marlon Brindle

Dogs need as much exercise as kids, if not more.  Active pups can get themselves into trouble home alone.

PetSuites puts a strong focus on socialization and playtime for all furry friends. They offer group play for our pups who like to play with others and individual play time for the puppies who need special attention.


Don’t be a fraidy cat!

Cat lovers should be excited as well. PetSuites, unlike other pet resorts, love cats as much as dogs.  There are special kitty areas including cat play areas. Kitty world is separated from their pup area so no need to worry if you are a fraidy cat.

Whether you are dropping off your furry family member for daycare festivities, pet spa pampering or a vacation stay, PetSuites says they will care for your pet with genuine love and exceptional care.  For more information check out