Loggerhead Marinelife Center offering daily virtual classroom sessions

Loggerhead Marinelife Center is helping parents with virtual learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. The working sea turtle hospital in Juno Beach, Florida is now offering virtual coastal classroom sessions!

If your little one is curious about the ocean and inhabitants, this is perfect for them! Tune in to the Loggerhead Facebook page every weekday at 2:00 p.m. EST and weekends at 11:00 a.m. EST for a 15-20 minute virtual learning lesson. Each topic is focused on sea turtles, rehabilitation, and ocean conservation. You can also download activity sheets, get online resources, and take interactive quizzes on each module at this link.

Loggerhead Marinelife Center’s biologist educator, Hannah discusses how lung infections like pneumonia affect sea turtles and observe our sea turtle patient, Annie Beau, receiving her treatment. In this program, Hannah highlights how our rehab department uses unique "turtle-approved" and innovative techniques to administer medication for these types of infections using a nebulizer. Learn more about our Virtual Coastal Classroom at marinelife.org/homelearn

Posted by Loggerhead Marinelife Center on Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Need more sea turtle content? You and your family can check in on one of the non-profit’s patients, Annie Beau, in his hospital tank with a live web cam!

Loggerhead Marinelife Center is currently closed to the public due to COVID-19, but is still operating. The center is caring for patients and monitoring one of the world’s most densely nested sea turtle beaches. If you’d like to help, you can donate to its Emergency Relief Fund.

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